Monday, June 29, 2009

Indoor Picnic!

Tonight's dinner has a backstory.

This morning I walked to the park and ended up taking the very long way home, through the zoo. While taking a break on a bench, watching a young mother trying to get her kids to eat a few bites of their lunch, I got a weird craving for a hot dog. Weird, because that hasn't happened in years. I actually tried to buy an over-priced zoo hot dog, but when the cashier took the temperature of one and said they wouldn't be ready for another ten minutes (because the hot water they were in didn't get the hot dogs hot enough yet?) I took it as a sign that I should make my own.

Fast-forward to dinner: hot dogs on the Foreman grill, roasted potato salad from Whole Foods, simple leftover grilled zucchini, and my favorite summer "salad": tomato slices drizzled with vinegar, sugar, salt, and pepper. And for dessert, juicy strawberries with sweetened sour cream for dipping.

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